Everything you wanted to know about Co-Operative Bank and Society

Cooperative Banks are registered under the Cooperative Societies Act, 1912 and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India under the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 and Banking Laws (Application to Cooperative Societies) Act 1965. But the Cooperatives Societies are registered under the Cooperative Societies Act, 1912. And regulated by the State Act only. To start a Cooperative Society there should be minimum... Continue Reading →

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Microfinance Institutes: Meaning and Source of Funding

Microfinance Institute is a Non Banking Financial Company. Microfinances were found to help unemployed, low earners, poor people and who don't have access to banking services by providing micro loan/credit/finances to them. The term Micro Finance stands for small/low amount of loans. Loans from microfinance institutes are given without any security to below poverty line... Continue Reading →

Things to Know Before Starting a Nidhi Company

Basically Nidhi is a familiar word in India, having same meaning as treasure in many Indian languages like Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi etc,. But when we talk about Indian Financial Sector Nidhi Company represents a Mutual Benefit Company which is also called as Mutual Benefit Fund, Permanent Fund and Benefit Fund. Object of Nidhi Company... Continue Reading →

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